Frank Luntz: Michigan’s working class voters turning out in greater numbers than expected…

The fear takes hold.

As we discussed last week, Trump has been making waves in Michigan.  I’ve argued that the Wolverine state is ground zero for his pro-rust belt message and that, if he could convince the working class of his sincerity, he might just have a chance there.

It’s far from a foregone conclusion, but there’s a solid case to be made that he can outperform the polling since workers with the UAW and other unions will be less likely to voice their true opinions.

Will it really happen?  I won’t lie. I have absolutely no idea. Polls have been tightening, but Michigan’s cities are overrun with those who’ve hit the self-destruct button by worshiping at the Democrat altar.

Still, if he’s going to flip a big state, he’s going to do it in hard-working places like MI or PA.  …And Frank Luntz sure seems to think things are moving in that direction.

Frank Luntz: Michigan's working class voters turning out in greater numbers than expected...

Just so we’re clear, no one is saying this IS happening.  Anecdotally, as someone who lives in the state, I can tell you that signs of Trump support are all over the place, but that doesn’t mean we’re on the path to The Donald’s victory. Just that we might be.

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