Host of Sunday’s Emmys Stephen Colbert tells Trump fans not to bother watching

Will the Emmys be rolling out the red carpet for President Donald Trump?

The Emmys will be broadcast live Sunday from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles and host Stephen Colbert promises Trump will get plenty of attention — see “attacks.”

CBS is hard at work plugging the show online:

And the winner is… Don’t miss the , hosted by Stephen Colbert, live tomorrow on CBS and CBS All Access: 

The left-wing comedian has been quick to employ vulgarity to express his contempt for Trump, attacking the president earlier this year with  a gay sex remark involving Russian President Vladimir Putin.

And while Colbert’s not likely to be that vile on live TV, those who choose to tune in Sunday can expect a healthy dose of anti-Trump rhetoric all night long.

“This is a night to celebrate television and there’s no bigger star on television in the last year than Donald Trump,” the late night host sniped, according to Inside Edition. “If the president has any subjects he would like for me to joke about in the monologue, please, we are ready to celebrate you, sir!”

It seems Hollywood never learns, even after the broadcast of the Academy Awards in February drew the smallest audience for the Oscars since 2008.

Stephen Colbert brags that he’ll fill the Emmy’s with attacks on Trump.
When will Hollywood learn? When they do this, their ratings plummet.

The only question at play here may be whether Colbert draws more viewers than he repels?

Here’s a sampling of responses from social media users who have grown real tired of politics being injected into the entertainment realm.

@FoxNews @MAGA We should all boycott the Emmys which is being hosted by Stephen Colbert who consistently denigrates POTUS.

I hope that we are all boycotting the Emmys this year. Not only is half of Hollywood obnoxious but I could not sit through Stephen Colbert.

Hope they don’t hijack another award ceremonies with political crap!! Just keep it about tv achievements and “who are you wearing?”

Not watching. So tired of celebs bring politics to entertainment. It’s been a big disappointment every time with these award S show

Stephen Colbert is the MOST HATEFUL PERSON in America, therefore, I will boycott the Emmys. Colbert is not a comedian, he is HATE. No right!

Lol. I don’t think so. No one cares. Hollywood is dead!! We the people killed it. No movies. No left trump bashing shows.



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