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Donald Trump is the President-elect of the United States, and California is throwing a temper tantrum… but it may be more than that.

California’s secessionist movement is gaining steam. So much steam that major outlets such as Time and USA Today are reporting that the very real ‘California Independence Referendum’ may make California an independent nation before the 2020 election cycle.

The Twitter hashtag #calexit has been trending, and many Californians are calling on President Obama to move to California and become the first president of the nation of California.

In the Spring of 2019, Californians will go to the polls in a historic vote to decide by referendum if California should exit the Union, a #Calexit vote.

You will have this historic opportunity because the Yes California Independence Campaign will qualify a citizen’s initiative for the 2018 ballot that if passed would call for a special election for Californians to vote for or against the independence of California from the United States.

This is a very important question. It is the responsibility of this campaign to explain what a yes vote will mean for you, your family, your community, our state, our country, and our world. We have designed this website to answer many of these questions and look to you to ask more.

“As the sixth largest economy in the world, California is more economically powerful than France and has a population larger than Poland. Point by point, California compares and competes with countries, not just the 49 other states.”

In our view, the United States of America represents so many things that conflict with Californian values, and our continued statehood means California will continue subsidizing the other states to our own detriment, and to the detriment of our children.



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