Morgan Freeman Completely Destroyed Obama And Hillary’s Race Agenda And Black Lives Matter On Live TV!

Legendary American actor Morgan Freeman is putting his acting career on the line by smashing the Democratic strategy on live television.

Instead of whining about being black, he claimed that in the United States today you can make it only through hard work, and it is pitiful to use race as an excuse if you do not succeed.

VIA USA Politics Today

According to Conservative World Daily:

” The world of Hollywood is such a shamelessly liberal place that it’s considered risky to one’s career to speak out against Barack Obama’s race-baiting, Black Lives Matter agenda.

However, after seeing just how much Obama and his minions have divided our country along racial lines, Hollywood legend Morgan Freeman knew he could stay silent no longer.

Watch as Freeman annihilates both race-baiters and their precious Black Lives Matter movement. We NEED more people in Hollywood like him!

Perhaps it is easier to make excuses due to the color of your skin and make it into politics, but the black people who are honest are not welcomed by the media?




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