Colin Kaepernick Meets His Fate After Countless Months Of Disrespecting Our National Anthem [LOOK]

We all remember last year’s season in the NFL. It was wrought full of Social justice warriors, that regular fans of the sport just refused to have their football time tainted – and just refused to watch it all together. The NFL experienced a huge drop in ratings last year when compared to previous years. Many believed it was just because it was a presidential election year…One that no one expected to become the circus that it was… But still, the whole sitting and taking a knee issue was a bit much for many others to swallow.

It would seem that the head of this movement, or rather the poster boy was San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who made headlines for refusing to stand for the national anthem before each of his games — a move that he called a protest against all the racism that was going on in the nation…

Yeah. That’s rich. A multi-million dollar, mixed race, underprivileged punk, adopted by Caucasian parents, knew so much about racism.

Now, after his disgusting display of anti-American kneeling, and the rest of the politically-charged atmosphere he created for himself, INCLUDING his underperforming last couple of seasons, Kaepernick has been dropped from the team. Given his penchant for negativity on the 49ers, it’s very much doubtful that any other team is going to want this dead weight.

An NFL Sports Agent, Eugene Lee said that the only reason that Kaepernick is a free agent is because of his attitude and his distracting behavior. That simple.

When he was asked whether it was ‘fair’ for other teams to turn him down on account of his statements alone, Lee rightly reminded the media that teams are private organizations—they work to protect the interest of the fans, as well as the people that matter.

“…If you look around the league right now, you see some of these free agent quarterbacks that are being signed with deals, there is absolutely no way that it relates solely to his playing ability.”

It’s not the player’s place to dictate ‘fairness’.

Loudest cheering at Trump rally for when Trump mentions that no NFL owners want to pick up Colin Kaepernick

Source:  Freedom Daily!

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