US election 2016 polls: Who lead at this moment see now Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?


HILLARY Clinton and Donald Trump are at war in the US presidential race. But who is leading in the polls? Mrs Clinton accepted the Democratic nomination for the White House at the party’s national convention in Philadelphia on Thursday July 28. It came after Donald Trump put across his vision of how to ‘make America great again’ at the Republican […]

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WikiLeaks: FBI Now Has Hillary’s Smoking Gun…This Is All The PROOF They Need!


The mountain of evidence against Hillary Clinton is nothing short of daunting, but yet the White House, media, and virtually every single liberal in the land continues to protect Hillary Clinton, but the protection doesn’t matter any longer….Hillary Clinton has just been proven a liar once and for all. Hillary just met her worst nightmare with WikiLeaks, which is a […]

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BREAKING: Wikileaks Just Released The Biggest Disaster For Democrats – Hillary’s Worst Nightmare!


    Now, right in the middle of prime-time speeches at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Philadelphia, Wikileaks released hacked DNC voicemails! These are 14 entire minutes of secret voicemails the DNC doesn’t want you to hear. As the Washington Times reports: On the night President Obama and Vice Presidential nominee Tim Kaine were scheduled to speak to the […]

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BILLIONAIRE Tramp make a call MOSCOW: Russia, if you listen, find Hilari e-mails!


Presidential candidate Donald Trump has called on Russia to locate lost e-mails his rival Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton. Trump said at a press conference in Miami to 30,000 emails missing from the private server Hillary Clinton “found some beauty” and struck a surprising call to a foreign power to find them.Russia, if you’re listening, i hope you will be able […]

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There is a new CNN poll and the world slowly panic – Trump now quite serious leads before Clinton


There was a large plant after a convention of Republicans Donald Trump took the lead over Hillary Clinton in the race for the White House, CNN reported. Republican candidate Trump so, according to the latest CNN’s poll, has 44 percent of the vote, while Democrat Clinton at 39 percent. For this survey are included and presidential candidate Gary Johnson Libertarian […]

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The relationship between Trump and Putin


Team Hillary Clinton accused Russian agents who broke into emails Democratic Party of trying to help the Republican Donald Trump. If indeed there are any links between Trump and Moscow ?, analyze his CNN. Several experts have raised questions about the links businessman with Russia, because of the fear that Moscow may intervene in the US elections. Russian Foreign Minister […]

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Michael Moore predicted this win Tramp


WASHINGTON – Billionaire Donald Trump November will be elected President of the United States, predicts in his latest blog American leftist filmmaker Michael Moore. Moore was a year ago predicted that Republicans will choose Trump as its presidential candidate. “This crook, this ignorant clown in this dangerous part of working time, all weather is dangerous sociopath, will be our next […]

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