US election 2016, Trump: “I am the candidate of law and order. I am your voice “

In the concluding speech of the Cleveland Republican Convention, the tycoon has accepted the nomination and has painted an America traveled by crime, social crisis, insecurity. He proclaimed to be the man to lead the country out of fear and to be able to restore the lost work. Then he decreed the end of the old Republican Party and its transformation into a conservative and populist movement.

“I am the candidate of law and order”. In the concluding speech of the Republican convention in Cleveland, Donald Trump has painted an America traveled by crime, social crisis, insecurity. He proclaimed to be the man to lead the country out of fear; to be able to restore the lost work, the forgotten prosperity. He said it would fight the economic strategies of the Democrats, the disastrous foreign policy of Hillary Clinton. He promised a strong hand against immigration and terrorism; He painted a future in which America will think, first of all, “to itself and not to the world.” In an appeal interracial and interclass, Trump turned to the most vulnerable social groups, to African Americans, Hispanics, promising to uplift their living conditions and fight the “system” that has oppressed them. Especially, in the speech with which he accepted the Republican nomination for the White House, Trump has decreed the end of the old Republican Party and its transformation into a conservative and populist movement. “I am your voice,” he yelled at the end of his speech, shortly before being joined by family on stage, as thousands of red balloons, white and blue descended on the crowd of delegates.

The theme perhaps strongest of the whole matter was just what the “law and order”. To America, especially white, frightened by the reopening of the racial crisis, Trump reminded to be the person capable of restoring the lost security. That phrase, “law and order”, was echoed by Trump five times. The Republican candidate said that “this Convention comes at a time of crisis of our country” and gave the figures (not always reliable): the 17 percent jump in homicides in major 50 American countries (an increase of 50 per percent in Washington and 60 percent in Baltimore). “Nearly 4,000 people – said Trump – were killed in Chicago since Barack Obama came to the White House.” Inevitably, in this representation of American roads used by crime and violence, the reference to the dead policemen in Dallas, in Baton Rouge, in Kansas City, in other American cities. “The most basic duty of government is to defend the lives of its citizens – said Trump -. A government that does not is not fit to run the country. ”

The chapter devoted to public policy, with even openly authoritarian tones, it has been very long, reminiscent of what Richard Nixon said at the Republican Convention of 1968. Then, Nixon promised to “restore order and respect for the law in this country “. Later, in a television commercial during the campaign, Nixon said: “Let us say that the first of an American civil law is to be free from violence. I promise you that your order will be back in the United States. ” Unlike Nixon, which advocated the union of all Americans in restoring order, but Trump has once again underlined its character as a “man of Providence”, able to do what others have not been so far able to do “I have a message for you – he said -. By January 20, 2017, when I’m president of the United States, crime and violence that plagues our nation will end. Security will return. ”

The same tone alarmist – and the same will to act as a savior of the “nation afflicted” – Trump has put them when he faced the theme of terrorism and illegal immigration. Trump recalled the massacre of Nice, France. He spoke of an America overwhelmed by a “massive wave of Syrian refugees” (with Clinton would ask that, again according to Trump, an increase of “550 percent of Syrians in the United States arrive.” Even this figure will not be found in the democratic nominee program). To cover the risks that Islamist radicalism poses to the United States and the world, Trump said: “Anyone who supports violence, hatred and oppression is not welcome in our country and it never will.” Trump did not, however, repeated the proposal to prevent the entry Muslims in the United States. Perhaps for fear of being branded a racist once again, at a delicate moment of the election campaign, it reiterated its proposal without giving credit to the Muslims directly: “We must immediately stop immigration from any nation that is compromised with terrorism, up at the time in which a verification system will not be put in place. ”

E ‘instead he returned – and he could not be so, in a speech all scored from the contemplation of the disaster and insecurity afflicting America – the theme of the wall with Mexico. “We will build a great wall on the border,” said Trump. “There will be no sanctuary cities, places where illegal immigration can safely thrive.” The theme of the fight against illegal immigration has been linked, in the speech of Trump, in the trade, economic insecurities, of the millions of jobs that have moved abroad in recent years. This was another chapter in which the New York mogul has moved away from tradition and the most traditional of the Republican Party thought. Here Trump himself as the leader who will put an end to all those commercial treaties – first NAFTA – which weakened American workers. “I visited the workers laid off from their industries, and communities crushed by our terrible and unjust trade treaties – said Trump -. These are the men and women of our country forgotten. Hard working people, who have no voice. ” The claim of the “excluded” and “forgotten” it was soon extended to minorities: “Decades of immigration records have produced ever-lower wages and unemployment rates higher and higher for our fellow citizens, especially African Americans, for Hispanics. We will come back to have an immigration system that works, but it works especially for the Americans. ”

In this act as representative of the nation, beyond differences of class, income, education, ethnicity, Trump has expressed perhaps the central element of his policy proposal, very different from the traditional, pro-business, liberal, globalized old party Republican. The same populist force, which is the cancellation of history, differences, traditions, Trump has shown in other parts of speech. Said to be the defender of the rights of homosexuals (and delegates applauded, it was one customs clearance of LGBT issues shows that the Republican People’s changed); but also she said to be the debtor to the Gospel, and paid tribute to the National Rifle Association, the gun lobby. This ability to transmit a message that goes beyond ideologies, Trump has basically dismissed the last decades of policy and strategies of the Republican Party (in fact most of the ruling class G, .op preferred to avoid being seen in Cleveland) .

Strong, of course, in many fierce points, criticism which Trump has put Hillary Clinton. “And ‘the candidate of the lobby, the special interests that fund his campaign and the Clinton Foundation,” said Trump, who also recalled that, in his opinion, is the disaster made by Clinton in his term as secretary of It was: “Before he arrived, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, were relatively peaceful countries. The Isis did not exist. After his passing, the world has collapsed. He ‘a criminal, “he chanted Trump.

The conclusion of the speech was dedicated precisely to the theme of the entire American presence in the world. “America comes first, he comes first” shouted Trump for two times. “America is first of globalization”. While promising to work with allies, first of all with Israel, Trump has made no secret that his America will first of all committed at home, to defend their interests, and will no longer be the “world policeman.” The conclusion, after the performance of a country ravaged by fear and crisis, was instead of hope. “To all Americans, tonight, in all cities and in all the villages, I make this promise: return the America greatness. We return the pride to America. America will come back safe. America will come back big “.

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