TRUMP thundered: “Hillary left behind DEATH, DESTRUCTION, Terrorism,” supporters shouted: “Arrest her!”

Donald Trump has accepted the nomination of the Republican Party officially became a candidate for US president in the November elections.
Donald Trump at a convention in Cleveland

In his speech Tramp again criticized Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, whom he accused of “death, destruction and weakness.”


As they gathered shouted “Close it,” because of their treatment in US foreign policy, Tramp they waved and said: “The defeat in November.” Thousands of supporters who had gathered in the conference hall were noisy approved.

He condemned the policy of “nation-building”, which is actually to some extent introduced George W. Bush, without mentioning the name of the Republican president who started the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Trump said that the “nation-building”, which was followed by Hillary Clinton in Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Syria made a bad situation even worse. He blamed her for the rise of Islamic State and sentenced her willingness to accept thousands of refugees from Syria.

“After 15 years of war in the Middle East, after billions of dollars and thousands of lives lost, the situation is worse than it has ever been. This is the heritage of Hillary Clinton: death, destruction, terror and weakness,” said Trump.

Trump is also accused Hillary Clinton (68) that is a puppet of big business, the media elite and large donors who want to preserve the current political system.

Tramp at the end of the Republican convention on Thursday night in Cleveland promised that as president again make the country safe and limit immigration, stating that the problems facing the country are too large to be able to be resolved within the framework of traditional policy.

According to him, state security threatened because of radical Islamic elements, migrants and trade agreements which are to the detriment of American workers, reports the BBC.

“In our country again zavladaće security, prosperity and peace. We will be a country of generosity and warmth, as well as law and order,” said Trump.

“Crime and violence currently affecting our country will soon no longer exist,” said Trump in Cleveland.

He also promised to protect gays and lesbians from violence and oppression, and to ensure that young people who live in predominantly black cities “have as much right to live their dreams just like any other child in America.”

Trump said that if elected president “simplify” the tax system for the middle class and business and will re-negotiate trade agreements which, he said, putting the working class Americans at a disadvantage.

He added that it will be “the voice of the forgotten Americans,” who have worked hard, but now I do not have a voice. He accused President Barack Obama of encouraging racial tensions instead of calming down.

The meeting was boycotted by many big-name Republican establishment, such as the 2012 candidate Mitt Romney and members of the Bush family who gave the party last two presidents.

Talking about the wave of violence in American cities, Trump has promised to impose law and order warning that 160,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records “tonight roam freely to threaten peaceful citizens.”

Trump said he would be quickly dealt with violence such as murder of five police officers in Dallas earlier this month.

“My message to all of you: crime and violence, which today affects our country will soon come to an end. Starting on January 20, 2017. The security will be restored,” said Trump. The next president takes office on January 20.

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