It’s RIGGED: Florida Democrat ADMITS She Just Voted Four Times

It’s going to be close in Florida, folks. But not if the Democrat party has their say. While inspecting polling places in the state to see what the turnout looks like for early voting I had a short conversation in a parking lot with a woman who had in her hand four of those little “I voted” stickers they pass out.

“Wow. How did you get four of those?” I asked.

She looked at me suspiciously, so I said, “You can tell me. I work for the Clinton campaign.”

The woman broke into a big smile. “I’m collecting them,” she said. “I just voted here in Volusia County as me. This is where I live. Before that I was up in Flagler, where I voted as my dead mother.

I also voted in Flagler as my mother’s former neighbor. She’s in a nursing home. Then I slipped over to Lake County and voted there as a former co-worker who recently moved out of the state. Piece of cake. I’ll be damned if Trump is gonna take this state because I only voted once!”

I was stunned at her boldness, but not surprised about her story. “Don’t you need an ID to vote?” I asked.

The woman’s smile got even broader. “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” she said with a wink, as she headed off to her car.

Voter fraud doesn’t exist, my ass.



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