IDIOT: McCain Says American Leadership Was Better Under Obama


Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) said American leadership was stronger under President Trump’s predecessor, President Barack Obama, according to a Guardian report published Sunday. Asked if the country stood on sturdier ground under Obama’s leadership, McCain said “yes,” according to the report. “As far as American leadership is concerned, yes,” said McCain, who also vocally criticized many of the Obama administration’s foreign policy decisions. McCain also […]

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JUST IN: Congress Drops BOMB On Obama – He’ll Finally Be Held Accountable


The House Oversight and Governmental Reform Committee gave Barack Obama some terrible news on Wednesday when they published a damning report that condemns the former president’s administration for allegedly covering up the investigation into the death seven years ago of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry. Western Journalism reported that Terry was killed in 2010 during a gunfight with Mexican […]

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EXPOSED: Loretta Lynch Now In DEEP Trouble


What’s one thing a deep-state, anti-American official does not want happening to them? Getting exposed in the public — and that’s what just happened to former Attorney General Loretta Lynch. On Friday, after former FBI Director James Comey revealed that Lynch pressured him to refer to the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s illegal email server as a mere “matter,” former President […]

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WATCH: FBI Agents Are Coming Forward To Expose “Dirty” Truth About Comey’s Career


This week’s Comey testimony caused many Democrats and liberals to twinge with panic. Even worse, Comey himself is being exposed as someone who cares more about his Democrat masters than justice. According to Chris Farrell of Judicial Watch, retired and active members of the FBI have told him in private that James Comey was a “dirty cop”. While speaking to Lou Dobbs on […]

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