First Election Day results: Dixville Notch goes for Clinton


Four voters in the tiny New Hampshire town of Dixville Notch cast ballots for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton just after midnight Tuesday, the first Election Day results. GOP nominee Donald Trump got two votes, and Libertarian Gary Johnson got one vote. Former Massachusetts governor and 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney received a write-in vote. The voting finished in less […]

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Shorten the US Presidential Election Cycle


By the time Americans go to the polls on November 8th, this Presidential campaign will have run over 600 days, kicking off with Ted Cruz’s announcement in March of 2015. This election cycle has been extremely damaging and has incited fear and hatred in a country founded on the beauty of our differences and the desire to lift each person, […]

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CNN Caught Red Handed Falsely Adding Incendiary Racist Quotes Over Trumps Statements


CNN just reached a new low—and that’s saying a lot for them. According to reports, the network intentionally added the word “racial” to a statement that Donald Trump made about immigration and terrorism. The addition made it appear as if the Republican presidential nominee was advocating, “racial profiling.” This outrageous tactic came just days after the network was caught editing […]

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Russian Hackers Reveal PROOF Megyn Kelly Is Working For Hillary, You’ll Vomit


The hacker site, run by anti-corruption Russian hackers, has been cracking open internal Democratic National Committee emails and posting their contents on their site for Democrats and Republicans alike to see, with horror. It’s great that this site is finally giving some transparency into the inner workings of the DNC, which this election cycle has been fully under the […]

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***LiveWire*** Trump, Clinton Square Off at Commander-in-Chief Forum


Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will participate in NBC’s “Commander-in-Chief forum” tonight. Matt Lauer, who was a prominent member of the Clinton Global Initiative, will moderate the event. Trump, who has a commanding 19-point lead among military voters, won the coin toss and elected to go second. Stay tuned to Breitbart News for live updates. VIDEO: LYIN’ HILLARY All […]

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Fight Night: Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump To Face Off Directly For First Time At Commander-in-Chief Forum


NEW YORK — Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will face off at the same event for the first of several times this election cycle when Matt Lauer of NBC moderates the first joint event between the two Wednesday evening. The Commander-in-Chief Forum is a first-of-its-kind event and will be broadcast live on MSNBC and […]

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Shock: CNN Poll Shows Trump Now Leading Hillary Clinton

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is now polling ahead of Hillary Clinton, according to a new CNN poll released this morning. Trump is now leading with 45 percent of the vote while Clinton is now at 43 percent. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson has seven percent while Green Party candidate Jill Stein has two percent. Clinton’s eight point lead in August […]

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