WASHINGTON POST: Tramp Putin’s feeder!

Saying the Republican candidate for US president Donald Trump of NATO and Russia have caused hysteria in the Western media.

Journalist “New York Times” is Trump asked whether the United States is ready to assist our partners in NATO if Russia attacks.

“Many NATO members do not pay their bills,” said Trump.

He pointed out that the costs of these countries can not even compare to what is needed to NATO.

“I can not just forget about accounts. They must be paid. The majority of NATO members do not pay, do not do what has to do. This is very serious. It can not just ignore it,” said Trump.

The Republican said in an interview that in case of fulfilling its obligations member states of the Western military alliance to get American help.

“What will be the case that these countries have not fulfilled?” Asked the reporter.

“I’m not talking about what will happen if this does not happen. I’m saying that now there are countries that do not meet their obligations to us,” said Trump.

Comments politicians, journalists are forced to think that he is on the side of Russia and to work for its interests.

A columnist for “The Washington Post” Jennifer Rubin called the Trump “decorative psetancetom Vladimir Putin.” The journalist was very dissatisfied with his statements in the interview with the newspaper “New York Times”.

According to her, he is more slandered SAD sharp words than he ever used the Barak Obama and showed shocking ignorance. Rubin believes that between Putin and Trump there is some vague connection.

Journalist of “Slate” is a billionaire attributed the desire to be “like the Kremlin” and called Putin the winner.

Journalist “Atlantic” Jeffrey Goldberg wrote that the real rival Hillary Clinton in the race for the presidential elections actually president of Russia. Goldberg stressed that this interview is only proof that the Tramp “de facto agent of the Kremlin.”

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