Emmys Tank in Ratings- Four Hour Trump Bash Was a Dud


It was another Hollywood night of Trump bashing. The Emmys Awards on Sunday night were the most political ever. The stale anti-Trump jokes fell flat on the American audience. More Americans watched Sunday night football than the Emmys. Via The Hollywood Reporter: Adjustments could put the total audience ahead of the previous year’s low, but the 8.2 overnight rating among metered […]

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Actress: “I’m Rooting For Everybody Black!” When Asked Who She’s Rooting For to Win Emmy Awards (VIDEO)


Issa Rae is the creator and star of HBO’s ‘Insecure‘ and when asked from the red carpet on Sunday who she was rooting for to win Emmy awards, she responded, “I’m rooting for everybody black! I am!”. Variety reported that Rae’s show “Insecure,” features a largely African American cast and failed to garner any Emmy attention this year despite critical acclaim.  Perhaps this […]

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Hillary Dismisses Tarmac Meeting Between Bill Clinton And Loretta Lynch As Nothing (VIDEO)


In a recent interview on PBS, Judy Woodruff asked Hillary Clinton if the infamous tarmac meeting between her husband and then attorney general Loretta Lynch may have cost her the election. Hillary waved the controversy off as nothing, proving once again how out of step she is with the American people. The Blaze has the transcript: One of Clinton’s main targets […]

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Ohio ‘Food Stamp Millionaire’ Found Guilty of Food Stamp, Medicaid Fraud


An Ohio millionaire has been found guilty of welfare fraud in court Friday after he fraudulently collected food stamps and Medicaid benefits. WKYC reports that a judge convicted Pascal Mahvi, also known as the “Food Stamp Millionaire,” of one fifth-degree felony for fraudulently claiming more than $8,300 worth of food stamps and one misdemeanor charge of fraud for falsifying his application […]

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EXPOSED: Hillary Clinton Moved 800K From Her Campaign To Help Fund ANTIFA


Hillary, who long during the campaign trail condemned “dark-money” Super-PACs, has funneled over 800K from her Campaign over to one of these very same outfits. It has been revealed that the failed presidential candidate’s Super-PAC, “Onward Together”, is heavily backing “resistance” and Alt-Left extremist groups such as ANTIFA. In building investigations, Daily Caller first discovered that Hillary transferred a mass sum of money […]

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